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I am so grateful for all of my clients! Here are a few recent 5 Star Yelp reviews:


*If you have never tried Reiki, this is your gal!! Kelly is the kindest, sweetest, most gentle healer, that I have ever had the pleasure to know. I have been going every six weeks, for about 5 months now, and it has honestly changed my life. I had never done reiki, but had heard about all the physical and spiritual benefits. I am so glad I met Kelly. She explains every single aspect of what she does and I leave her feeling like I'm reborn. It is incredible! If you want to feel amazing, and your mind is open to all possibilities, call Kelly. On a side note, her massage table is spectacular!  Reiki is Real!! Thank you, Kelly Cohee! -Jan B


*I had my first reiki session (and first reiki session ever) with Kelly yesterday, and am still at a loss for words. In a 90 minute session, she was able to help facilitate a healing process by helping me see and remove an emotional block I've had my entire life. What a gift to be able to work through that in a safe place. She made me so comfortable the whole time!

After our amazing session, I felt weightless and completely in bliss...and still do a day later! I cannot recommend her services enough. Looking forward to my next reiki session with her already; I can tell this will be a new staple in my self-care routine! -Becky B


*I have seen Kelly for almost 3 years, and since then my life has changed drastically. My relationships with my family, friends, and myself have improved tremendously. I have learned how to put healthy boundaries, and let go of people and things that don’t serve me anymore. I found self-love, came to peace with my past, and I am learning to accept who I truly am. The road to where I am right now hasn't always been easy and required a lot of courage. Kelly has always been there for me to support me, guide me, and most importantly she understood the struggles I had. For me, she not only is a healing energy worker but also a teacher, a friend, and a soul sister, and I am very blessed to know her and have worked with her. We have had the following sessions: The Holy Fire reiki (my favorite), chakra balancing, readings, hypnotherapy, and guided meditation. Each session has been an eye-opening experience that shed light on things I never knew existed. Kelly also provides tools you can use after the session to promote your spiritual well-being and reinforce the benefits of her energy work. Kelly is very gifted, authentic, educated, knowledgeable, and caring. If you are looking for someone who is very professional and kind, give her a call. I highly recommend her! -Magdalena K.


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