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On Freedom and the Liberation of Self


I feel very blessed to have found Reiki -it has guided my own healing and liberation in tremendous ways. Reiki is such a profoundly versatile therapeutic method. Because it is holistic in nature, whatever the ailment, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial, Reiki can assist. Note I did not say "cure". Reiki, being a divinely guided process, respects free will. So if there is fear and resistance to true healing, it will work with the person gently and lovingly to help them open up to this over time. Sometimes, we can get trapped in a victim mindset that keeps us stuck. Reiki gently opens up our consciousness to see this and move into the truth of our victory! That truth being that we are co-creators of our own realities. 


This 4th of July week/weekend, I wish and hope for all that we can quiet ourselves, go within, seek our personal truths and make our free will choices from that space, honoring ourselves and others. I would be very happy to assist you in these endeavours.


Happy 4th!!!





What exactly is “Virtual Reiki”? How can it help me during the COVID-19 crisis



We are in unprecedented times, my friends. There is much fear and uncertainty in the air, within and also coming at us from 24 hour news cycles. This fear bombarding our systems leads us to stress, which leads us into dangerous low immunity territory. In all of my years of spiritual training and training in energy medicine, one principle stands out that is needed most at this time to counteract this fear virus…LOVE. Reiki is, at its essence, the energy of LOVE. It is the highest frequency vibration that heals us on all levels –physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc. It is a cosmically intelligent force that has higher knowledge of all the areas blocking you from living, and dare I say it, even thriving in times like these. Reiki is phenomenal in ferreting out and transmuting negative, limited thinking- these thoughts are also energy-based- as well as clearing old energetic wounds that keep us repeating the same habitual cycles.


I have worked with many of you in the traditional way of hands-on Reiki- being in the same room together. I just want to take a moment to illustrate for you a “Virtual Reiki” session. This is what that would entail:


1)  We set up the date/time

2)  I send you the Zoom invitation via email

3)  I send you useful tips on preparing yourself and the session space

4)  We connect via Zoom (or Facetime if preferred) to go over initial questions/concerns

5)  You are lying down or sitting comfortably while I send the Reiki to you by energetic/visual/auditory connection

6)  Option to go through guided visualizations for deep energy block removals

7)  We close the session going over what was received and guidance is given

8) The Reiki stays in your system several days continuing the healing process


Here are 2 recent reviews from March 2020 of the Virtual Reiki experience:


I have to admit I was skeptical about the effectiveness of virtual reiki after experiencing such transformational in-home sessions with Kelly. Was I ever wrong! I felt the same wonderful sense of peace and deep relaxation plus I even experienced an increased level of consciousness. It was truly amazing!


I learned that because Kelly is a highly-trained reiki master she has the ability to transmit a powerful energetic link to the person she’s healing, whether they're in close proximity or a distance away.


We’re all feeling quite anxious during these challenging times so it’s most important we practice self-care to keep our immunity level high by reducing stress. Virtual reiki is definitely an effective method to relieve tension from the comfort of your own home.


I highly recommend you try a session with Kelly. You will be amazed how calm and peaceful you feel afterwards…she is truly a gifted healer! 


Denise L.




I am a business owner and on the Board of Directors of another company. This period of time has been very challenging for all of us and equally as threatening to me as a person who wants to be able to pay employees and survive myself!
The stress of all this is so much higher than in normal times. When the tension became unbearable, I decided to try something different to clear my head and focus better.

When I was introduced to Kelly and virtual reiki, I thought of it as a weird method. Even though I was skeptical, I decided to give Kelly a call. It was the best thing I could have done! I’ll jump top to the chase and tell you I am going to do these sessions on a weekly basis. What happened to me in my reiki session has lasted throughout the week. My mind is more clear, I feel much more calm, the results blew me away!

I highly recommend, especially during these tough times, to hire Kelly to help you develop the habit of calmness in your life and your work day as well.

Bob W.



As always, I am here for any questions and to assist you on the healing journey in return to unity.




The Joy Amidst the Sorrow


We are in the midst of an epidemic that this generation has never seen. The fear virus has indeed gone into the hearts of man and become physical. God is allowing for this for the ascension (spiritual evolution) of mankind to take place. Our misdeeds are being visited back upon us in ways which no one can escape looking at, collectively speaking. We are being asked to both go within and remember and to go outside ourselves and selflessly serve. Mother Earth has spoken. She will ascend with or without us, though preferably with. All light beings and especially light workers are being called upon to shepherd the way with truth, compassion, unity, and merciful love. There is pain. There is suffering. And there is also joy. Joyful elation that humanity will ascend. Will transcend all of the fear-based nonsense we've clung to, illusion that it is. These are tragic and exciting times. Both parallels co-existing for a time until the critical mass of consciousness for the good of all -The Christ Consciousness -takes over. The Christ (Messiah) Consciousness lives in us. This loving energy, often called Spirit or Holy Spirit in religious language, it is all the same. It speaks to us strongly now to create this new world renewal in partnership.



Are you stressed and you don't know it?


I felt this topic an important one to cover as it is the primary function of Reiki to reduce, relieve and eliminate stress. What we need to remember is that we can experience stress on a number of levels (mental, physical, emotional, and yes, spiritual). We have a logical/rational understanding that major events in life, such as the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, going through a divorce, experiencing abuse, moving to a new home, etc. can cause us to become stressed. What we don't understand, typically, is how our system responds and tells us that we are out of balance and we need to seek a healthy way to return. Reiki provides us a loving, gentle, non-invasive way to heal from the stressors we all have in life. The flow of divinely guided life-force energy works with the client's free will to allow for the release of stagnant, negative energy blockages in their system. Upon the release of these blocks, the body's natural healing abilities take over to return the client to a space of calm and balance. As you read through these signs, try to see how many may apply to you.

Here are a few mental signs that indicate stress:

  • mental fog

  • forgetfulness

  • pessimism

  • can't focus

Here are just a few symptoms of feeling stressed physically:

  • decreased energy/fatigue

  • abdominal upset/constipation

  • insomnia

  • aches/pains

  • cold hands/feet

  • teeth grinding

Here are a few emotional signs of stress:

  • avoiding others

  • frequent moodswings

  • feeling out of control

  • monkey mind -can't calm the chatter/relax

Here are a few spiritual signs that indicate stress:

  • turning away/running from God

  • denying/misrepresenting God

  • fearing God

  • self-condemnation

  • condemnation of others


Overwhelmed? Time to reset


As an emotional empath I know all too well the sensation of overwhelm. When life throws multiple storms your way and you can barely find the strength to come up for air because your life is storming and so are the lives of people around you. And you cannot help but to feel it. It is simply how you are wired. So what to do? Reiki to the rescue! I often wonder how people are functioning in this world without it. Ok, I know they answer is they typically turn to the quick fix that leads to more pain down the road. Reiki is such a soothing, balancing, healthy option and I thank God that it came my way for personal and professional reasons. To be able to take a few deep breaths to center myself, and then tune into my heart and true self, followed by glowing, flowing warmth that is undeniably the presence of God is ...there are no words. A reset is just that. Finding the moments to just be. Not to plan, not to stress, not to run, to just be. In the be-ing we remember that this is all just temporary. In the midst of hanging on to chaos, we believe it is forever. Take the time to reset, multiple times per day if necessary. Your body, mind, heart and spirit will thank you for it.



On Holiness, Purity & Righteousness




So what does it mean to be holy? To be pure? To be a righteous person? I can only give answers to these questions based upon my own life experiences and individual spiritual evolution, (as is the case for any major life impacting statement). As I understand it, holiness, purity and righteousness are inherent in who we are at the core of our being, our essence, our soul-source connection. Being created in the image and likeness of God, who is holy, pure and righteous. Holiness, utilizing the understanding of my learning of Holy Fire Reiki, simply means to achieve a state of wholeness and alignment -mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Purity, a state of pureness, exists when one has learned and implemented how to clear oneself of low vibrational energies that block them from knowing they are pure. Righteousness is an achievement of higher states of consciousness in which one experiences daily life here on Earth from a sense of deep inner knowing, understanding of the workings of the Heavenly/Earthly realms, and how one can best create one's reality harmoniously from unconditional love. We, humankind, lost our way long ago and are now beginning, through divine intervention, to awaken and remember who we really are. We are not our fears, our compulsions, our failures, our mistakes, our negative thoughts and emotions, our status, our bank account, our number of followers, our material possessions. We are luminous beings of consciousness, intelligence, harmony, love, peace, holiness, purity and righteousness. 





An Attitude of Gratitude


Before I came to know and understand spirituality and energy, I used to practice gratitude in a reactive mode. Something would happen that I hoped for or wanted or I received something amazing and I would express thanks. Thanks to the people involved and then sometimes thanks to God. Sadly, for most of the time, thanking God was an afterthought, not a forethought. God was somehow far removed from the equation. Too distant to be involved personally in my little insignificant life. Especially the daily mundane tasks, surely God had way better things to do, perhaps working with more important people, than to be close to me. As I worked on my own healing and understanding of who God is and what God is all about, I understood how very wrong I was. The gratitude for this healing and understanding is beyond words. I find myself now, most often, in a state of reverence, wonder and thankfulness. I thank God in advance now for everything in my life -the good, the bad, the ugly. I recognize that it all is working for my evolution and that of all of us. To recognize each day as a true gift to learn, grow, and serve. This attitude of gratitude is an energy wave that ripples out affecting our personal lives and those we love and so on and so on. Thank you for reading this and taking it forward.

What it means to be a Reiki Master


I have given this topic a great deal of thought and consideration lately as I reflect on the importance of words and labels that we attach ourselves to. Technically speaking, I received the 4th degree Reiki Master Level Certification status back in 2014. If I am truly honest with my Reiki journey, I must acknowledge that I didn't understand what being a Reiki Master in the true sense (from my perspective) meant for years. Not until this year after undergoing higher level training. Looking back, I would consider my original mastership training like a bachelors degree. Absolutely necessary and the perfect foundation to build upon. Earlier this year, I went through the equivalent of a masters degree mastership training. Receiving these multiple energy upgrades and newfound skills and abilities has afforded me the opportunity to channel healing for myself and others at very deep levels, very rapidly. It still astonishes me at times! 

In doing the almost daily self healing sessions I discovered that I was finally on track with what William Rand, (President of the International Center for Reiki Training), mentions in his master student manuals. And I paraphrase -you do not ever 'master' Reiki, rather, you allow Reiki to 'master' you. And so what does that mean? If Reiki is Love, God is Love, what exactly is 'mastering' me and how? I realized it was the equivalent of surrendering my fears to the power of Love, to the power of God. (I will blog on the topic of the word God on another occasion. That one is loaded ;) To make that action and intention a daily practice. This way, Reiki flows through me as unimpeded as possible for the benefit of all. To be a true Reiki Master is to walk the walk on a daily. So that it infuses your very being and your life with its glowing magnificence, spilling over into the lives of others.






On Authenticity: Part 2




The authenticity journey is still very much unfolding for me, as I'm sure it is for most. As a young child and young adult, I can remember thinking of very deep questions: Who am I and Why am I here? There had to be something more than I saw and participated in in my daily life of homework, study, achieve, work, vie for status, achieve. My identity was tied to achievement and performance. I fell very naturally for the common societal labels that somehow makeup who we are. What you study and what you do for a living. As if that was all I truly was. Or, the other common identifier of single or married. Children or no children. Once again, taking on these labels and their positive or negative societal connotations. This made me miserable, like a stagnant cloud of discontent hung over me.


My greatest liberation came through spiritual healing, study and evolution. Firstly, through many years of study with the Kabbalah Centre -a spiritual community that advocates for a return to the Oneness of All by understanding consciousness, energy & quantum physics, as described in the in-depth study of Torah/Zohar (Biblical Old Testament). I came to learn the hebrew letters and to read the ancient language of Aramaic. I even started the process to covert to Judaism. While I loved my community and the time spent learning and growing, I knew there was a next evolution for me in the understanding of self and converting was not the right answer. I chose to step away from this community to go inward.


In the inward times, I faced more challenges and even more questions.  I had many "dark nights of the soul" in which I faced my shadow self in tiresome battles. Some I won, some she won. It is out of the midst of those battles that my truest self was emerging. After my brother passed away, there were far more of these battles than before. My mother researched methods of alternative healing and therapy to help us through the difficult emotions. I ended up beginning my journey with Reiki and Hypnotherapy here. Reiki, the gentle process of helping me remove energy blocks and Hypnotherapy, the way towards clean thinking. Both methods of healing have shaped my life in miraculous ways.


The process of going inward, working one-on-one with a spiritual teacher, practicing self-Reiki and hypnosis drew me back to my Christian roots. My family was not religious growing up, but we would attend non-denominational church from time to time and on some holidays. It wasn't until I was an adult in my late 30s that I would come to truly know Jesus. I began to attend Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA, and was moved by Pastor Rick and Kay Warren and their love for Jesus and for people. It was very heartfelt. They had lost their son to suicide around the same time I lost my brother. They started a mental health movement within a church structure to confront emotional and mental issues in a loving, compassionate, non-judgmental way. They progressively speak and preach on eradicating rape and sexual abuse. This is why I belong to this church. They describe Jesus as I had always thought Him to be -loving, kind, compassionate, a true teacher, non-judgmental, both gentle and very strong, balanced, emotional, the one who would fight for me always, the one whose singular desire is to have a relationship with me so I can know and practice unconditional love. As imperfect as pastors are, this team is real and authentic in their spiritual struggles and I applaud that. Nobody is on a high horse and all are given hope for change. 

It is easy to embrace my authenticity now as I work side-by-side with Jesus in healing sessions for self and others and have the constant knowing of His presence and energy. I know that I am a part of that energy. That we are ONE. That separation from God is an illusion we perpetuate out of old pain and habit. That my soul, spirit, mind and body are an awesome force for good. That I, just as everyone else is, am multi-dimensional. That the answer to the question of WHO AM I? will continue to evolve.









The Choice to Heal



One of the most important lessons that I've learned as a healer is that not everybody wants to be healed or helped. This baffled my mind and went against my inner understanding of who we really are. I would think to myself, but why? Why don't you want to be your true self? Free? Why not? It seemed so illogical at first. And so, as with any good spiritual guidance, I was guided inside myself to find the answers. When I began a holistic healing practice, I was, obviously, very green in many ways. And still had my ego running the show for the majority of the time. Thankfully, this has dissipated greatly and the Divine runs the show now. What I learned about my ego was that the need in me to "heal them" was greater than their desire. But this was still about me and not them. A very poignant lesson indeed.

It was also helpful to be guided by Jesus to understand that some of the fear operating within me driving me to be a successful practitioner was fear of healing myself. It was far easier to focus on all the others around me who "needed it". Thus began a relentless discipline of daily self-healing in order to keep things in a proper balanced focus. I feel tremendous having done this for many months now. I now understand that there were aspects of me not wanting to be helped or healed out of fear. Fear of what would the loss of current self mean? Would I be happy and still "me" as my new healed self? I find these fears to be universal when working with clients now. It is far easier to have compassion and understanding for self and others with this wisdom. For me, the loss of current self and merging with true self requires leaving self-defeating habits and thought constructs behind and has allowed for such tremendous joy.






The Holy Fire Healing Experience



Since receiving the energetic upgrade to Usui Reiki called "Holy Fire" in April of this year, I have been blessed by many beautiful personal transformations and have been witness to many more with my clients. To be clear, there is nothing religious about this energy, though named "holy", it is meant in the context of becoming "whole", becoming aligned with one's highest self and personal truth. Fire is meant to signify cleansing and revitalization. It allows for the purification, empowerment and healing -energetically speaking- for one to achieve this. There is one method which I have used countless times on myself to remove stubborn blocks in my energy field and with clients as well: The Holy Fire Healing Experience. In this experience, one begins by identifying a block (either mental, emotional, physical or spiritual), and giving that block characteristics such as shape, size, color, texture, weight, location in the body and sound. One is then guided into a meditative state through deep breathing and also guided visually to allow the holy fire energy to do the work and assist in eliminating the block. I say assist because the individual is very much active in the conscious release of the block and the necessary changes in attitude and behaviors following its release. I will share with you an excerpt from one of my recent personal experiences:

Today's session focused on the block of distrust. I saw a 50 pound green sphere with four large spikes coming out of it lodged in my heart chakra. When I gave it a voice, it said ,"Stay away, I don't know you". It felt like it had been there for many lifetimes. The distrust of God and people -the need to safeguard my heart. I saw in my third eye my 10 year old self being spoken to by my higher self (the most enlightened version of me) and Jesus was comforting her and explaining that she has them now to safeguard her heart and she can let this go. It took time, much coaxing and tears while God literally jack-hammered away at this block. They explained that she isn't alone in protecting herself, that they are like her parents now and are responsible for her heart. 10 year old me cried from feeling overwhelmed in not knowing how and saying she did the best she could. Much resistance occurred. Once the jackhammer broke through the block, the small pieces were gathered and melted in my young hands -they formed a brilliant green key that I gave to Jesus to hold. Then I was shown my child self integrating with my greater self and Jesus energetically in a sense of oneness filling in that empty space in my heart. There was a great sense that no matter what choice is made in life, I can always trust in God's love and protection.


Since this healing, my heart feels very free and trust, (with discernment), comes far more easily. Its magical! I hope for all who are willing to experience the same :)





Prophetic Visions


I was shown in meditation myself in white encased in a giant quartz crystal cluster and surrounded by Holy Fire energy. Outside of this, I was shown Native Americans being killed and the Earth weeping. I was also shown great instability in the Earth and people screaming and falling. I tried to reach out to help, but was pulled back by the Divine. It wouldn't be my place. Calamity and purging may be necessary based on human choices was the answer I was given. Another World War is very possible in my lifetime. I was told to greatly strengthen myself before these times would come. To not fall into the negative feelings that would be pervasive, but to shed light and hope. Another reason why I am to do daily self-healing as it is so important. That my wanting this world to be Unicorns and Rainbows is nice, but inaccurate. It is a mixed bag. It is both. The version of humanity that would allow a third World War is not of heaven. I cannot stay blind to the suffering of self or others. Jesus showed me these things. The raising of positive consciousness is imperative. To stop the negative, destructive behaviors. Man against man, woman against woman. Both against animals and nature.

What I know is that every person on this planet can make a difference for good, if they so choose. Deep in the recesses of the heart of all is GOODNESS. In the spirit of all is GOODNESS. It is simply covered up by pain, trauma, disbelief and fear. Such is the importance of coming back to our truth and claiming it against all that the material world tells us we are. Lies, my friends, lies. Love is the way out. Only LOVE. Love of God (whatever our understanding of that is), Love of Self, Love of Others.




Notes on Going Mobile


I created my mobile Reiki service after several years of practicing hypnosis, Reiki, and meditation out of private office spaces. While these were powerful sessions and wonderful learning experiences, something was missing. I recognized the need within myself for mobility as a healer and the need to cater to my clients in broader ways. To literally meet them where they are instead of, for the sake of professionalism, having them meet me on my turf.


It is an honor to be welcomed and invited into my client’s homes to perform sacred healing work. For me, it is getting back to the essence of what healing is all about -a trusted relationship between those coming together for healing purposes. My grandfather was a doctor that early on in his practice made house calls. This was yet another inspiration for me to do this work. A non-clinical setting can have very therapeutic effects and the ability to cleanse the area prior to the session, as well as the sessions themselves, have a great energetic benefit to the living environment. This way, healing is multi-dimensional and of wider positive impact.

We Don't Heal in a Vacuum



Nothing is more inspiring to me than stories of others healing through whatever means they are guided to do so. In my own healing journey in battling depression, anxiety, PTSD and grief I have utilized the amazing services of several talented healers and mental health professionals. Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Psychic channelers, Prayer teams. All have been extremely valuable and I have learned so much from every single experience and every single encounter. We cannot heal in a vacuum. We cannot do it alone. I learned this the hard way initially as I suffered daily in silence, not wanting to "bother"anyone with my troubles. This was tremendously painful, not only to me, but to those who loved me as they just couldn't understand. It was as if the pain itself was a trusted friend that I was too scared to let go of. I find this incredibly common with many of my clients. Pain, fear, doubt, anger and suffering have been their way of living for sometimes decades. When the pain becomes unbearable, then they seek treatment. 


It is my fervent hope that mental/emotional issues and diagnoses will be as compassionately looked upon as any physical malady. Just because the wounds are invisible does not mean they are any less worthy of compassion. Those who are fighting the battle against mental illness are, in my mind, heroes just as much as those who serve and fight in physical battles.  The Buddha said," A man who conquers himself is greater than one who conquers a thousand men in battle". It is easy to focus on the external. I wonder just how many 5 star generals out there have conquered their Shadow Selves?? I'd be delighted if the number was high, but somehow I don't think so. 

True healing done with intention, hard work, commitment and passion brings tremendous joy, hope, vitality, love, compassion, and brings one full circle to their truest, purest self. That self which God intended upon creation. We are all in a rejuvenation, restoration, piecing-it-all-back-together process. That's the beauty of this world. We have been given the chances to get it right, to live fully. To happily, peaceably coexist with others. We begin by being honest with ourselves, releasing judgments and embracing compassion towards self and others. And by all means, reaching out to ask for help.

On Authenticity: Part 1



The more that I delve into the journey of the discovery of self, the more I come to understand just how little of myself has actually had the chance to come forward and develop, at least thus far. As a child of generational family dysfunction and various types of abuse, I grew up with all kinds of defense mechanisms designed to safeguard and protect me and in adulthood it is glaringly obvious how much these “defenses” have since caused me harm. A true codependant, I have done everything to be everything to those whose love or approval I so sought and longed for…always at the expense of my self. Because to have their validation meant everything. Thinking that to think or to be allowed to feel as my self would somehow be selfish, bad, or wrong in some way. So strongly was the pull to focus on the pain and crises of others. To actually consider my needs in any relationship as worthy or even in need of being acknowledged is new territory for me. It is altogether exciting and liberating! It’s also scary as hell.

I’ve worn every mask imaginable to fit in, blend in, be that which the beloved (whether a family member, mentor, friend or lover) would want me to be. Truly, because I had no sense of personal identity, I would become the consummate replica in order to achieve oneness. Always causing gut-wrenching pain in the process. As more and more of me slipped away, I began to become numb in every sense. Denying my truth as a being whose gift it is to feel. To feel others deeply to be able to assist them, but I denied myself the same compassion. This has all changed in recent times, thanks be to God, in finding hope, love and salvation through Jesus and those who assist Him (in the heavens and on the Earth). God does have a way of bringing things full circle for maximum impact at His chosen times. I am ever grateful.

Healers and Teachers are Human!



What I have found in my journey of spiritual awakening since my late teens is that I have made “idols” of the men and women who have been teachers/healers to me in some way and that that was a bad habit that needed to be remedied right quick! It is very easy to see that person as instrumental in your growth process and to be filled with such awe and gratitude that they were there to help you that you attribute to them God-like status. To see the qualities in them that you never before realized you could also possess. As seemingly innocent as this may seem, there is danger here. Whenever we are focused on idolizing the external, we are forgetting the source of that help and healing, namely God. If we attribute our healing to the healer or wisdom to that teacher, we are doing them and ourselves a disservice. We are essentially saying that they possess a “power” that we could never possess and therefore are deserving of adoration and praise. This is a complete falsehood! The same gifts exist within each of us to varying degrees and per our willingness to uncover them and develop them. What we are truly admiring and adoring in the capacity of others who have taught or assisted us along the way is our own latent talent and God-given power! We do them a disservice in giving too much credit and too much of our energy that they may possibly develop unnecessary ego in the exchange. This is a true revelation and worthy of deep thought and consideration.

I feel that during these many years where I saw teachers and healers as God-like, I put them on useless pedestals that they could never manage to stay atop. Why? Because they’re human! I kept wanting to make them infallible, as I think many of us do. Teachers, healers, doctors, pastors, priests, monks, nuns, celebrities, athletes, models, pop stars, etc. We have idolized them all. And then picked apart every part of their lives at the first sign of human weakness. How dare us. I mean seriously. How many stones are we casting in our hypocrisy? Did these people ask for the God-like status? I don’t believe so. While their egos may enjoy it for a time…the pressure to be perfect will break them down until there is an inevitable “fall from grace”. (This is for those who are not spiritually evolving). We do ourselves great service when we allow for the humanness of all humans, the imperfections, the flaws, the insecurities and accept and respect what is in front of us as well as what is divine and not always visible.



Return to Innocence


*As featured in collaboration with the American Society for the Positive Care of Children*


We all hear voices in our heads. Ok, I know what you’re thinking, but just hear me out. We hear the doubting voice, the overly critical voice, the voice that tells us to give into fear, the voice that says you are justified in your anger and victimhood. Then there comes in the softer voice acknowledging your strengths, your contributions, the you can do it voice, the ever-present cheerleader voice, the personal trainer voice, the guardian/guide voice that never shames. Some of the negative voices take on and even become personified by the players in our game of life – parents, teachers, kids we grew up with, the inner critic voice that our own voice has taken on. What I have learned in the last several years of working with adults, (some children as well), in my private practice is this: the voice of the inner child somewhere along the way gets silenced.


Some could say that that is simply a part of growing up. I beg to differ. To reach a healthy, balanced state of wholeness as adults, we need to acknowledge, nurture, heal and ultimately LOVE our inner child. A fascinating aspect of the state of hypnosis –deep relaxation with targeted focus – is that it allows the subconscious mind to bring forth in the here and now a visual experience of your relationship with your inner child. The child aspect of you that, in most cases I’ve dealt with, bore the brunt of trauma now manifesting in your adverse symptoms as an adult. Within the guided visualization, healing of the trauma can occur when the adult self recognizes and takes on the responsibility for caring for the needs of the inner child. So much of the beginnings of self-love happens here. The difficulty that many parents have is they think to be a good parent is to give their all –their time, money, attention, focus and energy to the child. This is distorted by the fact that most parents haven’t first done this work within themselves to be able to truly give of themselves to their children in healthy ways. If ever a child enters in as a client of mine, I know that this will involve parents who are in need of guidance and healing as well.


To truly honor the voice of the inner child one must shed many layers upon layers of distorted beliefs, (put upon by the wrong teachings), as well as energetic emotional baggage blocking true clarity. Working with Reiki –divinely guided life force energy – on myself and others has granted me a more balanced, focused, and clear perspective with which to assist clients, along with heightening my own intuitive abilities. Truth be told, a child’s perspective differs wildly from that of an adult, but in no way should it be less respected. Our perceptions as children form the basis of how we respond and interact with the world. As adults, this intertwines with our personality and becomes strongly embedded in who we are. The good news is, there is hope. Hope for healing and shifting distorted perceptions, yet honoring our inner child’s needs as we integrate into a unified, balanced self. This is an ever unfolding process for the trauma survivor; one that gets more and more beautiful the more it is embraced. When your inner child feels your love, acceptance, encouragement, validation, compassion, and presence you in turn, as the adult, resonate with these qualities and attract them from the external world.


The greatest gift we as parents can ever give our children is the gift of our own willingness to heal ourselves.

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