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What is Reiki?

  • A  stress relieving technique that promotes healing and empowerment (mind, body, spirit) 

  • Laying on of hands/light touch involved (no massage unless licensed)

  • Balances the flow of vital life force energy in and out of the body, relieving stress,  pain and emotional/mental blocks

  • It's practice originated in Japan in the 1900's and has since become a beloved global healing art

What Reiki is NOT:

  • a religion

  • magic

  • unsafe

  • a cure-all without the client's/student's active participation in their healing

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Stress Relief/Relaxation

  • Removal of unwanted habits

  • Inner Peace

  • Improved Sleep

  • Mental Clarity/Focus

  • Deep Self-Love and Love for Others

  • Physical Vitality

  • Emotional Balance

  • Expansion of Consciousness

*Use of Reiki is not intended to diagnose specific mental or physical illnesses. For issues requiring diagnosis and subsequent treatment plans, please consult your chosen medical professional.*

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