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Personal Trusted Resources:

1) Brenda Titus -Board Certified Hypnotherapist -Tustin, CA -714-651-4189

2) Darla LeVeque -Licensed Massage Therapist and Holy Fire Reiki Energy Healer -Laguna Woods, CA -949-232-1393

3) Dr. Stephen Morita -Chiropractor Extraordinaire, Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki Master -Laguna Woods, CA- 949-232-1393

4) Dr. Janet Woods -Feng Shui Master, Reiki Master, East Asian Metaphysics Teacher -Laguna Woods, CA 949-232-1393

5) Julie Russell, RN, LRMT, CC, CHt. -Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healer -949-370-7592 -Ladera Ranch, CA

6) Denise Larsen -Designer of Reiki-Infused, Semi-precious Stone Jewelry & Certified Holistic Grief Educator -949-370-4339 -

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